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JTLite- P1.875 Pantalla de video LED interior

Artículo No.: P1.875 - Indoor
P1.875 Producto
1.Pixel pitch: 1.875mm
2.Brightness: R:IV(550-620mcd),  G:IV(1550-1880mcd),   B:IV(300-400mcd)
3.Module Size: 240mm (W) x 120mm (H)
Descripción Ilustración de instalación
P1.875 parámetros técnicos principales de la pantalla LED a todo color
No. Item Name P1.875 full color LED screen main technical parameters
1 Pixel composition Arrangement
2 Pixel pitch 1.875mm
3 Glow point color 1R1G1B
4 Basic color composition Red, green, blue three basic colors
5 Physical density 280,000/
6 Wavelength R: input d (620-630 nm), G: input d (520-525 nm), B: input d (465-470 nm), and the entire screen wavelength is controlled at 2.5 nm
7 Brightness RIV(550-620mcd),  GIV(1550-1880mcd),   BIV(300-400mcd)
8 Module/Screen Size Module Size 240mm (W) x 120mm (H)
9 module resolution 128 points (width) x 64 points (high)
14   screen thickness 100mm
15 out of control point 1/10000
16 unit module stitching seams Unit board gap stitching size is consistent, and 1mm
17 Visible distance 3--80m
18 perspective 140 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical
19 Surface roughness Maximum error 1mm
20 Ink on the surface of the screen consistent with the degree of ink, no reflection
21 Uniformity Brightness uniformity of the module, uniformity 1:1.3
22 circuit board layout  reasonable layout, beautiful line layout
23 Ambient temperature   -20 degrees to 50 degrees
24 Relative humidity 95 degrees
25 Power Supply Power Supply Input VoltageAC AC220V±10%
26 Earth leakage current < 3mA
27 input frequency  50/60HZ
28 maximum power 1.4kW/m2
29 Control system control system control host operating system WINXP, WIN7 computer + control software hardware + playback software and hardware
30 Control Mode Synchronize with Computer VGA (Monitor Synchronization)
31 control system DVI graphics card + full color control card + cable transmission
32 input methods Computer and other peripherals PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video; VGA; RGB;Composite Video; SDI.
33 Main Technical Parameters LED Driver Constant Current Drive, High Refresh IC
34 Power Supply LED Screen Power Supply
35 computer display 800x600, 1024x768, 1920x1080
36 refresh rate ³1200hz
37 gray/color 8192 class, 68.266 billion
38 full screen brightness 1000cd/
39 Brightness  Level 100
40 brightness adjustment mode Level 8
43 Display Content Video DVD, VCD, TV, image, text, animation, and others.
44 ontinuous working hours 72hrs
45  interface Standard Ethemer network interface, communication using RS-422
46 Communication medium, control distance Multi-mode fiber <500m, single-mode fiber transmission <30km, Category 5 <100m
47 Protection Technology Protection against moisture, dust, corrosion, static electricity, lightning, and overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection
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