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JTLite-P5.95 Pantalla de video LED para exteriores

Artículo No.: P5.95 - Outdoor
Pantalla de video LED P5.95
1. Paso de Píxel: 5.95mm
2. Densidad física: 28246 puntos / m2
3. Tamaño 3.Module: 500 mm (W) x 500 mm (H)
Descripción Ilustración de instalación
P5.95 Pantalla de video LED para exteriores
Model Number JTLite-P3.91-Outdoor JTLite-P4.81-Outdoor JTLite-P5.95-Outdoor
Pixel pitch 3.91mm 4.81mm 5.95mm
Pixel configuration SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727
Cabinet size 500x500mm 500x500mm 500x500mm
500x1000mm 500x1000mm 500x1000mm
Cabinet resolution 128X128 104X104 84X84
128X256 104X208 84X168
Density 65536pixels/m2 43222pixels/m2 28246pixels/m2
Power consumption 100W1200W/m2 100W1200W/m2 100W1200W/m2
Cabinet weight 8Kgs/16Kgs 8Kgs/16Kgs 8Kgs/16Kgs
View distance 3--200M 4--200M 5--200M
Scan or Drive way 4S--Constant current 4S--Constant current 4S--Constant current
Constant driving current Constant driving current Constant driving current
Brightness ≥7000cd/m2 ≥7000cd/m2 ≥7000cd/m2
View angle Horizontal140o,Vertical60o
Signal process 10/ 16 bit    10 or 16bit
Color temoerture 6500K-9500K
Frame rate 60Hz
Refresh frequency >1500Hz
Gray mode 65536 /65536 degree
Contrast 1000:01:00
Display mode VGA1027x7681920x1080
Control distance 120M (Super five cable), multi-film 500M,single-mode 2KM aboveLAN cable:100m (without relay),multi-mode optic fiber cable:500m,single-mode optic fiber cable: 20000m
Control mode synchronous with computer
Operating temperture -25+60
Operating humidity 10%95%RH
Proterction level Screen IP65, Screen back IP43 front screen IP65,back screen IP43
The entire screen brightness adjustment series Manual, automatic stepless continuous adjustment of 256 levels without gray loss
Brightness  adjustment Manual or automatic, 256 degree
Out of control point <1/10000
Continuous working time 72(hours)
Working hours
Life-span 100000(hours)
Power supply request AC110220v(5060HZ)
Accepting signal PAL/NTSC/SECAMS-Video;VGA;RGB;Composite Video;SDI
Systems operating platforms WIN7/WindowsXP
Ilustración de instalación de pared de video led al aire libre

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